High Density Colocation

EUDC is offering colocation services within its own Data Center built by IBM with signature 10KW / rack standard architecture scalable up to 25KW / rack.

  • Net Neutral Data Center
  • No Installation fee
  • RU-, 1/2 Rack and Full Rack colocation
  • InRow Rack cooling
  • Included “Remote Hands” services
  • 6 layer access security to Server Rack

Data Center as a Service

Euro Data Center consolidates Data Center infrastructure in highly redundant environments ranging from power and cooling to structured cabling. Secure colocation in Local Air Raid Shelter.

Seismic Isolation

Located at 600m above sea level, EUDC offers enhanced seismic protection and through ISO-Base technology even seismic isolation, providing functionality even during earthquakes (up to 7.5 magnitude on Richter scale).

High Density

All the Rack cabinets within EUDC’s high density Data Center have a 10KW standard configuration and are scalable to mainframe-grade 25KW per Rack configuration.

Rack Cabinets

All ISO-Based cabinets are NetShelter APC-branded with digital or analogic locks. On-demand, customer Racks can be installed if requested.

Fire Detection and Extinguishing Solution

Fully automatized VESDA detection and NOVEC 1230 extinguishing solutions enhance data protection in case of fire.

Redundant Power Supply

APC multi-mode Uninterruptable Power Supply design and dual Diesel generators assure continuous supply of electricity and cooling power for TIA-942 standards.

Net Neutral Data Center

EUDC colocates numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 Internet Service Providers in the specially dedicated Telco room in order to provide any type of connection for all customer needs.

Through advanced expertise and the use of project design instruments, we developed a solution based on modern technologies in data centers in order to facilitate the client's ease of rapid implementation of IT and Telecommunication services and infrastructure. We assure enhanced flexibility, reduced operational costs, complexities and risks.

Valeriu NistorCountry Director, IBM România
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