Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Euro Data Center (EUDC) offers Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions through High Performance Computing Instances virtualized with Vmware Hypervisor, allowing rapid and agile creation of virtual servers or entire clusters of virtual servers, hosted on high-performance servers.

  • Up to 99,998% SLA
  • Agile and flexible scaling
  • Customizable resources
  • FREE Demo
  • Up to 18 Core per socket
  • Up to 2400 Mhz RAM
  • IBM Storwize SSD / HDD
  • Fiberchannel SAN Storage

Give our managed VPS services a try! Contact EUDC for uploading a demo!

Virtualizing already? Welcome to the future!

The transition to a cloud server optimizes your company’s IT capabilities, focuses on OpEx business model and enhances flexibility and control.

High Performance

Intel Xeon family ready-to-deploy environment, offering high performance for deploying efficient compute nodes.

Flexible Scalability

Flexible no-downtime scalability of Euro Data Center’s virtualization solutions denotes more agility for your business and higher uptime for better SLAs.


EUDC offers full support in migration, integration and scaling processes whilst monitoring 24/7. Free of charge.

Unlimited Traffic

EUDC believes in Net Neutrality and traffic freedom. Standard internet speed is 100Mbps with no limitations.

Custom Virtual Machines

Each business has different needs, thus EUDC offers solely customizable environments.


Traffic monitoring, Antivirus, Firewall and up to 9 layer access to your data (including biometric access) is EUDC’s standard.

Deploy your virtual machine in 3 steps!



Cores / RAM / Storage / OS / Firewall / Antivirus / Database



Your demo might be too light or too heavy-duty. Downgrade or scale on demand before contracting.



After demo validation, you are ready to go in just a few minutes.

Does your business require Virtual Servers? We can help!