Dedicated Servers

Net- and Brand-Neutrality all the way with Euro Data Center (EUDC)!
Choose your favourite brand of dedicated servers, outsource them -as-a-Service to EUDC and connect them to your preferred Provider or benefit from EUDC’s connection with enhanced security as a standard.

  • No installation fee
  • Net Neutral connection
  • Colocation in shared or dedicated Server Rack
  • IP and Firewall included (EUDC ISP)
  • Included OS
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited Traffic (EUDC ISP)

EUDC provides freedom of choice when it comes to your hardware brand of dedicated server. Choose your vendor, your model and leave the rest to us. Depending on vendor availability, in up to 30 days, your preferred hardware is colocated and connected. Pay monthly, not entirely. Enhance your IT budget with EUDC.

Does your business require Dedicated Servers? We can help!