Disaster Recovery Data Center

For Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity needs, EUDC proposes its own Net Neutral Data Center at 160 km distance from Romania’s capital city, at 600m altitude, on a separate seismic strip.
The strategic positioning of the Data Center combined with the intelligent IT services, compose an ideal solution for corporate backup server housing of regulated IT data and processes.

  • Dedicated Disaster Recovery hardware and software
  • High Availability and Replication solutions
  • OS and Virtualization Licensing
  • No installation fee
  • No installation fee
  • Infrastructure colocation
  • Redundant Power and Cooling
  • Bring your own Provider

Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS

Force major and corporate regulations require disaster recovery solutions. EUDC is providing to reference customers like Telcos or Financial Institutions fully integrated disaster recovery solutions and scenario simulations.

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk means enhanced control of your business and alignment to corporate regulations.

Business Continuity

EUDC offers a flexible and customizable Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity program in order to comply with your company’s specific needs, thus enhancing agility.

Cost Control

Outsource your company’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity CapEx and benefit from a financially healthier approach.

Through advanced expertise and the use of project design instruments, we developed a solution based on modern technologies in data centers in order to facilitate the client's ease of rapid implementation of IT and Telecommunication services and infrastructure. We assure enhanced flexibility, reduced operational costs, complexities and risks.

Valeriu NistorCountry Director, IBM România
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